Coaching Weekend 16-17th June 2012, North Wales

James McHaffie, Hazel Findlay and I are running a coaching/instructing/teaching weekend in Wales this coming June.

The cost of the weekend is £200 per person and over the course of the weekend we will be looking at all aspects of climbing, with a focus on Trad Climbing.

If you want to improve your climbing, get expert advice and a detailed evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses, and have a really good weekend, why not join us?

What we are offering:

Saturday and Sunday of climbing instruction and coaching, with a lecture and slideshow by Jack, Hazel and James on the Saturday night.

The weekend course is split in to different topics, and the group will move between the three coaches engaging in multiple different sessions per day.

Topics covered include:

Gear for trad and gear for harder trad. Looking at individual’s gear/rock shoes, double ropes, rack choice, general gear placement. More advanced coaching on specialist kit, racking systems, pre-placing, advanced techniques.

Intro to self rescue. Escaping the system. Assisted hoists. Basic rescue techniques. The essential skills that every climber should have, but who actually practices them?

Crack Climbing Masterclass. Hand, foot and finger jamming. Offwidths, chimneys and other horror-shows. Trad climbing often involves a lot of these techniques, which are often overlooked.

Mental Aspects of General Climbing and of Trad. Falling off, when and how to do it, and when not to do it! Real danger vs perceived danger.

Physical training for climbing and specifically for trad. How to use walls, sport climbing, bouldering and trad routes to improve your climbing. How to set realistic and useful goals, asses your performance and write your own training schedule.

Final De-Brief. Discussion with one of the coaches on your own individual goals and areas to work on. Formulate a tailored plan to advance your climbing after the weekend.

NB: Food and accommodation (and if required an entrance fee to a local climbing wall), are not included in the weekend. The climbers and coaches will meet in Llanberis, North Wales in the morning, travel to local climbing venues for the day’s sessions, and return to Llanberis in the evenings. The slideshow on the Saturday night will be held locally to Llanberis, and it is most likely that the coaches will be going for a local pub dinner if you would care to join us!

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